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Hemascein® to reveal, identify and collect latent bloodstains

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Hemascein® detects latent bloodstains using novel
C20H10Na2O5 as an active component in the formulation.


The aqueous formulation of Hemascein® reveals latent bloodstains based on the peroxidase-reduction of a reduced colorless reagent sprayed over the targeted area. An area suspected of containing latent bloodstains is sprayed with Hemascein® using ABASpray™. The Hemascein® formulation reduced with hydrogen peroxide (colorless) to C20H14O5 is immediately oxidized to C20H12O5 by the presence of blood-associated proteins and fluoresces when excited by an Alternate Light Source between 415 and 480 nm. Once latent bloodstains are located, they can be tested at the crime scene if they are of human origin with the help of Hematrace®, a 10-minute immunochromatographic test. The evidence can then be swabbed and transported for further DNA analysis.

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Sensitivity in detecting latent bloodstains 

2 to 5 times in comparison to others
DNA recovery of diluted blood 

Highest of all reagents

Recovers finer detail


Longevity, time for documentation As high as 10 minutes
Stability 7 yrs at room temperature (solid form)
Safety C20H10Na2O5 is routinely used in humans (as an eye stain to detect corneal damage)
Identify if human origin Yes (By using Hematrace® once bloodstains are identified)
Formulation Aqueous. Formulated with C20H12O5.
Requires complete darkness No



“HemaScein® addresses the issue of health hazards and liability. A luminol application created substantial liability issue in a claim to purchase  a vehicle and the payment of medical bills of an adult and children who were affected by the residue luminol left behind in the application to a vehicle interior.  ….investigators reported burning to their hands and face after using luminol……. private citizens filed a claim and received compensation directly due to health issues arising from the use of luminol. … the jurisdiction of record bought motor vehicles that had been processed with luminol.
Hemascein® does not present this liability issue of a residual hazardous material left behind at the scene. The author over the past 11 years in using fluorescein has never received a complaint from a citizen or investigator of direct health issues."– Sergeant Larry Barksdale, Lincoln Police Dept., USA Click here to download a copy of this study






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