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Our US made products are used worldwide by major law enforcement agencies including forensic labs, crime scene units. A partial list for United States and Canada is shown below.
Alabama Dept. of Forensic Science Alabama
Alaska State Crime Lab Alaska
Arizona Department of Public safety Arizona
Arkansas State Crime Lab Arkansas
Orange County Police California
San Bernardino Police California
California Department of Justice California
Los Angeles Police Department California
San Diego Crime Lab California
RCMP Canada
Center For Forensic Science Canada
Colorado Bureau of Investigation Colorado
Boulder Police Colorado
Connecticut State Police Connecticut
Delaware State Police Delaware
Palm Beach Police Florida
Florida State Police Florida
Jacksonville Police Florida
Georgia Bureau of Investigation Georgia
Honolulu Police Hawaii
Idaho State Police Idaho
Idaho State Police Idaho
Illinois State Police Illinois
Indiana State Police Indiana
Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Iowa
Kansas City Police Kansas
Kansas bureau of Investigation Kansas
Kentucky State Police Kentucky
North Las Vegas Police Las Vegas
Maine State Police Maine
Baltimore Police Maryland
Maryland State Police Maryland
Arapahoe County Police Maryland
Massachusetts State Police Massachusetts
Michigan State Police Michigan
Detroit Police Michigan
BCA Laboratory Minnesota
Missouri State Crime Lab Missouri
Missouri State Highway Patrol Missouri
Nebraska State Patrol Nebraska
New Hampshire Police New Hampshire
New Jersey State Police New Jersey
Newark Police New Jersey
Suffolk County Police New Jersey
New York State Police New York
City of Syracuse New York
City of Syracuse New York
Ohio Police Ohio
Attorney General of Ohio Ohio
City of Tulsa Oklahoma
Oklahoma State Police Oklahoma
Oregon State Police Oregon
Oregon State Police Oregon
Pennsylvania State Police Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Police Rhode Island
Sacramento Crime Lab Sacramento
South Carolina Law Enforcement South Carolina
South Dakota State Police South Dakota
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Tennessee
City of Memphis Tennessee
Texas Dept of Public safety Texas
Tarrant County Police Texas
Dallas County Police Texas
Vermont Forensic Lab Vermont
Virginia Division of Forensic Science Virginia
Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington
Department of Homeland Security Washington
Washington State Police Washington
US Postal Service Washington
West Virginia State Police West Virginia
Wisconsin State Crime Lab Wisconsin
Wyoming State Crime Laboratory Wyoming


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