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Abacus Diagnostics is a science based company that develops and manufactures crime scene products such as well-known ABAcard® p30 for the forensic identification of semen, HemaTrace® for the forensic identification of human blood, SALIgAE® for the forensic identification of saliva, Uritrace® for the forensic identification of urine, Hemascein® for the identification of latent bloodstains.

We are committed to R&D to meet the needs of the forensic community and as a result several products are currently under development. We believe in continuous improvement, six-sigma methodology and an overall science based approach in all parts of our business.

Our staff includes scientists that have worked for years in research and development, manufacturing, validation, quality control, quality assurance, logistics and in ensuring integrity of the cold chain process through the distribution chain. Our philosophy “Know everything you can about the business you are in” and we continue to work towards that.

We are always thankful to our customers who have made possible for us to continue along the path of successful development of new products.

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